- arranger, violinist, pianist, vocalist, conductor.

She has finished the Academy of Music in Katowice, the class of choral and orchestral conducting. At the moment Dominika is cooperating with the Rehegoo Music Company. She acts as the art director for

Bi-Bi Singers, Grupa Furmana, Kwintesencja and Gondek Kwartet where she also plays violin and sings. Dominika had the Ministerial Scholarship. Dominika wrote the music for “Bajkowe Miasto” (The Fairytale City) and the “Piosenki Dotykajki” (The Touchable Songs) for children with visual impairments: blindness and low vision. She tours frequently both in her homeland – Poland and abroad. She is offering classes and numerous workshops on vocal pedagogy, for adolescents and adults. Her musical works can easily be divided into sections:


  • Dominika Jurczuk – Gondek albums

    • new age music, relaxing music compositions

    • country music


  • Dominika Jurczuk – Gondek & Masters of Catholic Music


  • Grupa Furmana – mostly touring, 5 albums

  • Children Musical “Wileki Mały Rejs” – where Dominika was the sole composer.


Music in not the only passion of Dominika. She also loves traveling, heavy physical labor and above all else she loves the people that surround her.




musicians: Rafał Gonzo Gondek, Dariusz Dzida, Łukasz Olma, Jarosłąw Grzybowki, Tomasz Pala, Marzena Cybulka, Katarzyna Zemler, Regina Mynarska,

photo, video: Elwira Florek, Alfred Sosgórnik


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